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M/M Paris is an art & design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak and Micheal Amzalag established in 1992. Most of their work and collaborations are with musicians, fashion designers, contemporary artists and magazines. Very designer based producing some fantastic revolutionary work for Vogue magazine, Arenna Homme, “the world’s leading men’s fashion magazine”, the Swedish brand Byredo their first eau-de-parfum fragrance “M/MINK.

When I look at the work off M/M paris that I found, in my opinion the work seems very free and experimental. With original ideas and use of imagery to text their work does stand out from other competitors. In my opinion the work is very feminine based with mane use of women in there work but obviously they have done work for more male ordinances like the mens fashion magazine they covered in 2009. Most of the photography work has creative use of Photoshop techniques that produces some unusual and eye catching work that is seen in top designer magazines and brands.


Experimental Jetset is a graphic design agency founded in 1997 by Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen when they graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. This companies main body of work is T-shirts, diverse posters, warning signs and publications. Their work is very inspired form rock culture from which they took their name Experimental Jetset referring to the album by sonic youth. They draw their inspiration from graphic designed Bob Gill and plastic sculptor Richard Price, as well as from the rock culture.

I like the way that Experimental Jetset use big typographical fonts and the use of Helvetica. Most of their work has very good use of hierarchy and placement of text and image. The work is very European and the use of simple colour and simplicity is clear.

Imaginary Forces are a creative studio and production company. Their main work involves commercial advertising, digital and interactive platforms, feature films and film marketing, television, architectural spaces, and global brands. as shown on their website (/ EE 19/04/11)

Most of their work is very modern, futuristic and interactive. Although their website is very simple but yet beautiful their show reel of work is outstanding. Doing work for companies such as Pepsi, Power aid, popular computer games, Google chrome and the list continues on their dwebsite.

Based in New York and Los Angeles, with a team or family of 70 including a range of different media designers, their work is inspired from each other and the teamwork and collaboration witch produces some fantastic work. They have a wide range of working using 3D programs and CGI technology combined with top designer minds wich produce some different and out of this world design ideas and  features.

Alot of their work is producing films, with special effects using cinema 4d, After affects and maya. Latest films to date are terminator Salvation, I am number 4, Yes man and the list continues.

For me this company has produced some outstanding work with a portfolio to show in a wide range of media. They are obviously and extremely large company with a huge range of staff with high professional standards producing work for top brands. Companies like this are an inspiration to smaller designers around the world.

Paula Scher started her graphic design career as a record cover art directoe at both Atlantic and CBS Records. Most of her work contains alot of typographic material used in cd covers and books which are widely influencial and imitated, often proponent as retro design. She uses historical design to make visual analogies, and for its emotional impact and immediate appeal to contemporary audiences.

Scher has developed identity and branding systems, promotional materials, environmental graphics, packaging and publication designs for a wide range of clients including The New York Times Magazine, the American Museum of Natural History, the Asia Society, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Phillips-Van Heusen, Anne Klein, Citigroup, 3Com, Herman Miller, Metropolis and the New York Botanical Garden.

I think that Scher’s work is very retro based and almost feminist especially her earlier work in the 70’s. Her work is very text based wich works well with her work showing clear messages. I still feel that her work is dated and not as clear and crisp as most modern desgners.

Born in  in 1962 in Bregenz became  graphic design after working on illustrations. Sagmeister had a humrorous design view it is said that ‘when a girlfriend asked him to design business cards which would cost no more than $1 each, Sagmeister printed them on dollar bills’ ( 5/4/2011)

Slagmeister in my mind has a narrow sense of design usually only wanting to design what is in his mind and not that of the client, but in his intelligence he said ‘why can he not go out and find the clients that suite his design’ ( 5/4/2010) Apart from the clients Sagmeister does a lot of work for himself with the hope of it getting it published.

As insperation goes, Sagmeister looks for everyday experiences and opitunaties and tries to look at every corner of aspect and design to find a solution, even writing down lists of ideas to help. ( 5/4/2011) Very simple methods but with a mind like Sagmeisters it produces some spectaclular results including alot of work for himself that was published. CD covers for bands such as the Rolling Stones and skeleton key. Books and identaties as shown.

Milton Glaser born in 1929 is among the most celebrated graphic designer in the United States. In 2004 he was selected for the lifetime achievement award of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. He opened Milton Glaser, Inc. in 1974, and continues to produce one of the highest standards of work in graphic design to this day. Milton Glaser is also well know for his drawing and illustartion but when it comes to graphic design it is said that ‘Milton doesnt like computers’ and ‘”The idea of drawing as a discipline that is necessary for the practice of design has just about vanished,” (, 5/4/2011) and why should all graphic designers use computers!

His main work consisted of books, magazines and advertising and re-creating new identities including some famous identities shown.

Milton Glaser is a living legend on new and old graphic design, even with more old school methods he still produce the outstanding work he does today.

Johnson Banks started his company in 1992 with a team of 6 people with a total of eight D&AD Pencils – seven yellow, one black with a company moto of ‘to solve problems in an innovative and ingenious way.’ ( 5/4/2011). His main business focus is logos, branding and packaging. John has always been fascinated with logos, his dissertation in 1982 feature the re-band of British rail, but he has done some major re-brands for large companies including, Think London, BFI, Christian aid, The Art Fund and list continues on ( 5/4/2011)

John Banks continues to push the concepts for logo and design to new levels, coming up with radical new ideas that have changed many classic company logo design into something inspiring and proud to be apart of.

Johnson Banks ideas for logos continue to inspire me and he is initiative and creativeness is something I wish to achieve. He has ideas of solving problems that are relevant to design that help him to produce the work he does. Simple ideas as getting logos noticed, changing the daily mail, the nobody understands me problem and the list continues on his website. He seem to manage to come up with original creative and simple ideas for all of them.