Process of a Typeface (PDP)

The brief was set to find a typeface that represented a random word that was given to each individual student. I was given the word ‘process’. Initially I went through all the typefaces in my library. Then narrowing them down to my favorite five. With all five displayed, I went through the different weights and came down to the two final fonts, Klavika and amplitude book. Amplitude book is used as the main typeface for Wallpaper Magazine and Klavika is just a standard typeface that i acquired. Both of these types have similar angles on the arches and lobes. I decided to choose Klavika medium because there was more consistency within the letter forms and the angles matched on similar letters as where amplitude was too varied. Klavika is modern and yet has a smooth natural curved feel giving it a great look to the word process.

The next step was to develop the word out of context and also using the typeface chosen. I decided to create an animation playing on the word process using it as the idea for my storyboard. ‘The process of type.’ My inspiration came from an image from the NWSAD collective.

I took this image and turned it into an animation. I decided to keep the colour scheme the same because I thought the blue on the grey complimented each other and the subtle colours gave a great feel of creation. Also the highlighted blue is effective but not overpowering. Originally I saw an animation created by a student at Glyndwr University on the NWSAD. The video is called ‘The History of a Title Sequence’ and shows the basic creation of the typeface. This video creates typefaces using a structured grid. I decided that my animation should show the process of creating the typeface that I had chosen. I also had been looking at Sebas and Clim, which are a London based creative duo with over 7 years of experience in motion graphics. Together they introduce a young, fresh vision with flair, merging refined design with thoughtful and fluid animation. From their video ‘Tiny Story’ I focused on the fluid motion of the movement and creative animation. I decided that I wanted to incorporate the same fun and fluid motion into my movie.

After creating the structure and grid for what the letter forms would sit in, I decided that this was the part of the animation to be influenced by Sebas and Clim. I took the illustrator file and imported it into after effects and animated each part individually. Giving each part bounce and life, really playing on the idea of elasticity as the video Tiny Story does. Giving the viewer the feel that the video or animated is alive.

Now that I had a basic structure I brought in the letter forms as if they were been dropped from an ink blotch. This was to give the idea that it was more created by hand. Then looking back at my first image of inspiration I brought in the names of the parts of the letters to turn the animation more informative for the viewer. I decided to turn these parts 3D to give the image more depth of field and also to take your attention away from what the word actually says ‘process’ so that it is revealed at the end of the animation. Also one of the most effective and bold choices of this animation was the decision to do it in portrait. I felt that this gave it a difference that no other animation gives and also draws your attention to the center of the video and also a good use of space when the video is made full screen.

The music used is Bach symphony no.1. I also can use this piece of music because the copyright has expired. After 70 years of the death of the composer the copyright is left open and I was freely aloud to use the music.

Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of the video and thought it met the brief. The visual works well with the audio giving it a rich fluid feel. My favorite part was animating the lines and structured grid. Designing different ways in which they could animate and trying to bring them to life. I still feel the video lacks something and needs more exciting visuals but considering that I made the video in 2 days I proud of the outcome. Also I have had a few comments that maybe the video doesn’t suit the portrait view so maybe this is something I need to go back and look at.

  1. I am very impressed with what you have done here Josh. I love the way your chosen word gradually appears from your development sheets and the way in which it clearly shows the various elements of your typeface which fade away to show the next as it gradually gets bigger, ultimately revealing your word and your choice of typeface. Your music choice is most suited and has a feel of elegance that gives your animation a professional and polished touch. You also have a lot of talent and a keen eye to produce something so good in such a short period of time.

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