Energy Strucual Bottle Design

I was given the choice of several live competition briefs. Initially I chose 2 to give me some variation. They were packaging for cakes and wraps and a new design shape for a relentless bottle. After playing with ideas for both briefs, it was clear to me that my bottle ideas were stronger and I felt that this particular brief would be more challenging and give me options to explore new media. The brief itself is just to design a new and exciting bottle shape with no logos or graphic designs. Normal bottle shapes are so similar and to create something new and different would be a challenge also taking into fact the eco-friendly side and how the bottle is packaged and displayed.

I firstly needed information and inspiration. I knew that the bottle is to be designed for Relentless. So I researched the product and found that the market age range is 16-25 with the idea of sports and revitalization. So I took on the challenge looking at different extreme sports. I didn’t take standard sports into the picture because this bottle needs to be something fresh and also looking at relentless last television advert you could see that their focus was more around extreme sports and energy.

The main point I wanted to design was a bottle that was stylish, different from the competition, environmentally friendly and high display quality. After drawing basic sketches and designs and looking at other bottles of similar context for inspiration, I came up with a unique design. This design was meant to represent a cliff edge and that’s where I came up with the name for the bottle, the Edge bottle. I looked at many different rock climbing clubs and walls and how the faces and shapes were random and uneven. This shape appealed to me because it gave a very raw unique look.

The basic shape was hard to create. I got introduced to a Maya a 3D modeling and animation program. On this I started with the basic form of my model.

I thought because of the shape I wanted the bottle to be able to slot into each other when displayed. So I had to make every side similar but I still wanted the shape to be random. I got this idea from a similar bottle that I found on the NWSAD.

After a lot of playing about with the bottle in Maya I achieved this creating a shape that could fit but looked different from any angle. I did this by reflecting both sides of the bottle like a mirror.

The final obstacle was looking on a more realistic side of the bottle and researching a material that would work when manufactured. Because the bottle has square edges and obtuse angles the bottle would not be easy to hold if the material was too rigid. I found a material called Low density polyethylene which can be vacuumed formed and is flexible but durable. Also it is recyclable which was a key point in finding my material.

Overall I thought that I had met the brief and gone beyond of what it asked. I took into consideration the packaging the display quality and space awareness and how to keep the bottle environmentally friendly. If I had a bit more time I would have created a scale model of the bottle using the 3D cad machine in the CCI building. Also I think I could have shown the bottle in different colours as the relentless brand has many different flavors all displayed as different colours and it would have been nice to show some variety. I created a theme to work around the bottle and the name I created ‘Edge’ adding a background and logo to the mounted boards. The bottle is designed for people between the age of 16-25. It shows excitement design and a different visual that no other bottle has seen or been produced.


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