Brewny Rowland – Ffresh

Ffresh is a student moving image festival for wales giving awards for film and animation to help make a link for students and the industries to shape students for future. Ffresh is holding a competition next year 2013 at Glyndwr between the 13th-15th of February. This could give me a great opportunity to get involved with some of the the film and animation side of the competition. I would be more interested in collaborating with some of the film students, working on the animation and aftereffects work. I would like to get involved with the title sequences or motion tracking as this is what i am mainly interested in on my course and the direction that I want to take. Also after speaking to Brewny Rowland there is an opportunity to create and design a poster campaign for Ffresh next year at Glyndwr. From a career point of view getting involved with competitions and collaborating with other students is something that my portfolio lacks. Also this kind of competition helps to get you noticed in the real world. I am at the moment trying to get my work noticed more by inserting my work in posts and twitter. But I would like to focus my work within film and design, specifically the design part. In year 3 we have the freedom to choose our own briefs and I could incorporate this competition into my work. I am always a keen student, trying to broaden the media that I work in and with it being a local competition and based in wales this really appeals to me.


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