Jason Minsky Creating A Portfolio

Jason Minsky was born in London in 1968. He studied 3D Design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1989-1992 followed by an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art from 1997-1999. His practice combines performance, photography, installation, design, crafts, events and interventions. The main points of this talk was about investing in your self. How it is important to put only your best work through and don’t give up. Always apply for opportunities and don’t be disappointment in rejection. A professional portfolio can be a careful record detailing one’s specific accomplishments attained over an extended period of time

1. To recognize the what a professional portfolio is and its purposes.

2. To be aware of the component parts that constitute an effective portfolio.

3. To understand how to develop, compile, and present a portfolio in a professional manner.

4. To utilize the professional portfolio effectively as an interview instrument.


[electronically accessed 28/4/2012]

In my course and the field of motion graphics that I am interested in, I would be looking more to create more of a digital portfolio, as in a show reel of animation and motion. When creating this you would look at creating similar attributes as stated above. Obviously you wouldn’t want to bore the viewer so you would have to take into context that you would only be showing snippets of your work into one video. This doesn’t come easy because most animation and motion are made to a specific audio to suit the content. So sourcing an audio that would suit all of the content is key.

When watching Jason Minskys Portfolio show reel, in my honest opinion I thought that it was amateurish. There were many videos shown which can be seen at.


[electronically accessed [28/4/2012]

The videos just seemed to be piled one after the other with no editing skill of merging the clips and each clipped seemed to drag on far to long instead of just showing the best specific parts which was contradicting considering this is what he said at the start of the lecture. Looking at other show reels online a more professional approach of work would be.

[vectormeldrew electronically accessed 30/4/2012]

This show reel has a feel of professionalism, it works with the music and is a fluid motion from start to finish showing snippets of the best part of vectormeldrew work.

Coming from an employers point of view Johnson Banks has written an article about a professional portfolio on his thought of the week. From his point of view and the company he runs, he gets alot of applicants of digital portfolios all the time and rarely seems a physical portfolio for the amount of numbers applied. So a portfolio even if digital has to stand out. Sending your portfolio digitally isn’t enough you have to entice the reader to view it within the email sent. A company as prestige as Johnson Banks wants to see work that is out of the ordinary and pushes the boundaries of graphic design.


[electronically accessed 30/04/2012]



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